i need this sweater


mens argyle sweater from the gap…$44.50

i always prefer to buy mens sweaters for myself more than womens, i’m not sure why. and i adore this sweater, it is just perfect for the season.

edit: i bought it, of course.

44 thoughts on “i need this sweater

  1. Great sweater! I completely know what you mean about prefering mens sweaters, they’re just so much more cosy and comfortable!

  2. I love mens sweaters too, it's the comfort slouchy look I love, so Stella McCartney is also brilliant for us girls (IMO), this is too cute! Would love it over a white crisp shirt, looking very dapper & preppy :)

  3. Hannah dear i love this and your blog in general annnnddd at spring break i am coming to visit you at least for a day because we are going to Tuscan and my parents are probs going to let me drive to see you so exciting right ~ karen your dearest

  4. funny you have this posted, just today this sweater caught my eye in the store window only to look up to see a guys face(handsome though)… it’d look good on anyone id say.

  5. i like men’s sweaters better because of the oversize factor. makes me happy.better than fitted sexy tight sweaters from the ladies section.xjessica

  6. when the weather becomes cooler, my eyes turn to argyle prints too. it’s just the way it is :P

  7. oOo men’s argyle sweaterrrr yea i agree. sometimes i prefer to wear mens sweaters rather than womens- maybe because they’re looser and softer? :)

  8. i always buy mens sweaters as well… actually i just recently bought a mens sweater. I love thier big-ness and they are often cheaper!

  9. I guess in general menswear is fitting more comfortable than womenswear.For me the sweater is too dull. :)

  10. There is nothing like a classic sweater to keep you warm during the winter. Speaking of classics, Who What Wear is giving away a classic black quilted Chanel bag, but tonight is the last night to enter to win! Check it out at whowhatwear.com!

  11. me too! the guy’s clothes are always just so bigger and comfier for some reason. i really love this blue and this pattern. i think i’m definetley going to have by a gap and get this.

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