what i got for christmas

chloe bag

chloe bag

chloe bag

what goodies did you guys get this year?


55 thoughts on “what i got for christmas

  1. OH! I am truly envious of your See By Chloe bag. I love the patterns and the colour. I just got a bunch of perfumes, some concert tickets, and – the most exciting thing of all – a cookbook and soap! Hahaha. Nothing quite so glam as your beautiful bag!

  2. WOW, gorgeous bag. I didn’t get much for Christmas from other but I bought a lot of amazing shoes:)alicexinwonderland.blogspot,com

  3. Oh my goodness, you most definatly were on the nice list this year, by the look of that beautiful bag! :)It is gorgeous! Happy 2009!! xx

  4. lucky you! none of my gifts could compare to this, but i did just get myself a bag. still waiting for its delivery.

  5. OMG you're so lucky!!! Sucha great bag! I bought a drop crotch pants & pink tutu skirt onlnie! hopefully it'll come soon!

  6. man, that’s some serious xmas loot! we had a very low key holiday this year, and my favorite gift was a moleskin day planner – such a dork!

  7. Congrats, darling! It’s lovely!My favorite gift was some canvases and paints from my little brother :)xoxox,CC

  8. Wow! It is so amazing! Love the bright colours of the inside!I got a pair of boots, musketeer boots, they’re so comfy… I love them. And they would match perfectly with that bag!!

  9. hannah loveri miss you so so so so much and i came on this site for the first time in forever and im really jelous of this bag, it could hold all and any aerobic accesories. i miissss you!! come and visit!!!kate ur bff

  10. you’ve been a good girl… and that’s always a must when it comes to presents. LOVE the lining of the bag!Love,ramona.ny

  11. That is absolutely stunning. Although I am guessing you love to leave that bag open so that amazing flowery inside is open to the eye!xx

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