the great gastby

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w magazine, march 2006

the prada jumpsuit…


i hated this look on the runway, but miss wasson pulls it off with ease. i dont think anyone else could look so cool wearing it. i still dont really like the actual jumpsuit, but i love it on her. does that make sense?

fur perfection

love in the afternoon
vogue nippon, october 2007, lily donaldson, photographed by camilla akrans:

fur perfection

greatest hits: mary kate olsen

mary kate

greatest hits: ashley olsen

ashley olsen always looks cool, put together and chic. i adore everything she wears, and it seems like she could get away with wearing anything. im not sure if i like her or her sister better though, it depends on the day, but i have loved both them since i was little. it seems that when everyone was young they pretended to be one of the olsens, i was always ashley and my twin sister was always mary kate, so me choosing ashley over mary kate back then must mean something. i think i compare to ashley more with what i wear, and i feel like she is also very organized like me, but im more like mk in the other aspects of my life (expect a mary kate greatest hits post within the next week).

which twin are you more like/which do you like more?

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