vintage playboy covers

i adore vintage playboys covers, it is amazing to see that playboy was once a very classy magazine. nowadays playboy is more of a trash magazine, filled with blonde bimbos with fake breasts. but i love seeing the covers from the sixties, because they are classy, demure, and some quite fashionable. they used naturally beautiful girls, with natural bodies.

i wish playboy could go back to the classy magazine it used to be.


kate in the vivienne westwood opus


“Kate came in with a cigarette a can of lager and some chips.” says Westwood. “She’s not worried about anorexia.” A quick spell in hair and make-up transformed Moss, the lager-swilling chip-muncher, into Moss, the icon. Westwood describes how, after the first picture was taken, Moss studied her own image intently. “She’s very shy, and every time she does a shot, she needs to know if that magic is working on the picture or not. Maybe she doubts herself. She needs to see this ‘thing’ emerge. It is amazing, because she’s a little skinny girl before she’s photographed, but in pictures, she becomes larger than life.”

icon of the moment: kirsten dunst

i love kirsten dunst, she is an amazing actress and has a great sense of style. some of you will probably say that her style is nothing special, but i think is is lovely. she doesnt seem to dress for anyone but herself, she wears what she wants and doesnt care what anyone might think. i adore her laid back chic ensembles, as well as her gorgeous red carpet wear. she sure knows how to rock scarves and suspenders. i think it is marvelous that she isnt trying to be one of those hollywood it girls and doesnt take herself too seriously.

what do you guys think of her?

kirsten (24)