jackie and jfk jr.

jackie and jfk jr


25 thoughts on “jackie and jfk jr.

  1. Beautiful pictures, I really have to say, that you always post great pictures, they inspire me a lot!! Thanks for all these :)

  2. wow, they’re lovely. her love for her baby really shines through the photos, everytime the photographer clicked away.

  3. Aww!She was always so immaculately put-together…why can’t there be a style icon of her type nowadays?Romanyxx

  4. She was such a classy and stylish lady, there really has never been anyone like her since her passing. These photos are so beautiful and calming :)

  5. She was really great!!!]amazing pics!i really wish to see more of her looks!thanks a lot for the post!a kiss and a hug,kira

  6. i love how they’re all almost exactly the same and then the last one is completely different.x.jessica

  7. This pics are just lovely…I just put the Anja Rubik pics of Nylon in my blog, the Clemency ones are beatiful too!

  8. jackie was like a frog!!! eveytime i see a pic of hers i laugh out loud!! yet you chose a beautiful pic :)

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