harley viera newton


her photography:





most photos via thecobrasnake.com


34 thoughts on “harley viera newton

  1. hmm, there is the potential for her to be “just another hipster”…BUT.. her outfits are very persuasive indeed!love the dresses.

  2. I love her short & cute skirts and dresses. I really like the second picture of her photography.

  3. i wanted to do a post on her this summer, but there weren’t many pictures at the time.i’m glad you posted this, thanks !it’s good :]x.jessica

  4. i discoverd her a little while ago as well. personally i think she could take on cory kennedy any day. she has great style:)xoxo

  5. I love this lady, she has such a rock/grunge chic look, she is very inspiring style wise. I love you selection of pictures :)

  6. she is really beautiful and have a great body/style!love the post!a kiss and a hug,Kira

  7. hmmm hmmm hmmmi dont remeber this girlis she you?ahuahuahau kisses

  8. Such great style!And how i wish my frizzy hair could go so gorgeously tousled and yet not look over styled…. :) x

  9. I wrote about her a few months backi thought she would be the new cory but I think everyone got over the whole internet it girl phaseShe has great style and a fantastic body, so jealous!

  10. Those pics are amazing!She looks stunning.By the way your blog is great,do you wanna exchange links?

  11. For the lack of better words ..I guess I will sound redundant ‘n parrot everyone else, but it’s true. Great pics ‘n love the outfits :)

  12. ive never heard of this girl, who is she? shes beautiful and i love her long locks! she reminds me of a more polished cory kennedy

  13. This is a fantastic post…I loooove Harley!! She definitely does the tousled hair look better than anyone else!

  14. ehh, missing your posts!althought miss harley is a pretty face to be greeted by, non?

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