the great gastby

gatsby (4)

w magazine, march 2006

43 thoughts on “the great gastby

  1. this is perfect because i was woken up early by the sun streaking through my windows- spring has officially sprung!Great timing for loose cotton tees and sailor shorts, no? Though no one does ir quite like Daria…!

  2. daria is really so versatile isn’t she?but duh, that is her job!can’t put my finger on it, but theres something gemma like about her here!xx

  3. ohhkay, I’ve got it, it’s because the hair reminds me of Gemma’s in the recent UK Vogue issue (can’t remember it’s title, but I think she was sat it a theatre and it was styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington.)huhh, there you go!

  4. Oh, wow, thanks a lot for this!!!!!!!! :DI am mad about Daria… and this is simply magnificent! It makes me think of Tender is the night (by S. Fitzgerald)xx

  5. thank you for your comment- youre very sweet :)i love these pictures- i was so suprised when i scrolled down and her boobs were just like OUT there haha. These are some great editorials!

  6. Wow Daria could totally fit into this role in real life – if the modeling thing doesn’t work out, she’s got no worries as a trophy wife! Lol. ;)The topless shot kind of shocked me – it’s funny how even in the most classy, and seemingly traditional (i.e. prudish. Lol.) of editorials, they manage to sneak in a topless shot.Lol.Romanyxx

  7. These are refreshing and original. I love th one on the balcony. The whole shot is so… inspiring!

  8. The editorails are really beautiful and I think daria is perfect for this shoot, and when I see them I really want summer!!

  9. waw, this model is very good… i like your blog, your choices for pics… kisses

  10. waw, this model is very good… i like your blog, your choices for pics… kisses

  11. oh wow what a gorgeous photoshoot, it really takes you back to that time! Love the fact that they chose to make them black and white, ads a bit of drama!

  12. wow, i love it!!!so,you are in my links of the day!a kiss and a hug for you,kira

  13. Daria looks AMAZING in everything!!!those last three photos remind me of Coco Chanel!I love your blog I read it all the time!exchange links?

  14. This is a really fabulous shoot. I am surprised it’s daria really as she often seems to do more natural shoots or ones not quite so feminine, she looks amazing though. I love the pic with her on the bike and the ones where she is smoking in the trouser suits remind me of katherine hepburn.

  15. if it wasn’t for daria this editorial would be rather boring..*it reminds of a past one (can’t find it now!)

  16. gorgeous shoot. the black & white makes it appear so timeless, i love it

  17. i didn’t think it was ms werbowy at first.i thought it was a lookalike, but no.gorgeous.x.jessica

  18. i still in love for that looks!thanks so much for posting me back!a kiss and a hug,Kira

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