the prada jumpsuit…


i hated this look on the runway, but miss wasson pulls it off with ease. i dont think anyone else could look so cool wearing it. i still dont really like the actual jumpsuit, but i love it on her. does that make sense?


30 thoughts on “the prada jumpsuit…

  1. I’m not a fan of jumpsuits in general but Erin does pull it off really well.I got Lula in the Borders in London, I’m not sure about the US.x

  2. it’s all about erin! yes i can definitely see what u mean. most of the times clothes come second.- you need to pull them off in order to show their nice part!i adore this ouftit!

  3. it makes absolute sense, funny how one thing can look tacky on one person and amazing on another!

  4. yeah it does make sence I know actally what you mean… im not a big fan of jumpsuits all together but she looks good :) x

  5. it makes complete senseespecially as Erin Wasson would probably look amazing even in a potato sackwish I had those kind of magical powers

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  7. it works for her figure, i guessshe looks great.and yeah, jared leto gained that weight over a year ago i think, when the movie was being filmed, so he’s lost it since then .. which is reallly good, because he looks hideous with a double chin! lol

  8. ah isnt that mind boggling? some people can just pull off any look and make it look super stylish.xoxo

  9. woah thats one whole suit? i mean deifnitly easy to wear.. cuz you dont have to worry about indivudual pieces, but youre definitly right- i cant really imagine anyone wearing this. and i think its so cute how you put banana chips in ur bag! and what exactly are marnini?

  10. i totally agree. only she would look good in a pajama looking jumpsuit. i must say though that if this were a shorts jumper piece it would be pretty adorable.

  11. erin wasson is gorgeous and can do no wrong! have you seen angela lindvall in a ss08 prada outfit as well? thought she pulled it off well.

  12. I agree with your initial reaction – I don’t particularly like it. The top half looks OK, but it needs a belt, I believe.Erin looks great as usual lol.Romanyxx

  13. haha yessss, you do make sense!! im not a jumpsuit fan either, but i lurve erin and how she wears it. Of course, she could rock a paper bag, but you know.and yes, i always think of mk as grunge-y as well, its not just you!xxx

  14. well, I was not expecting that!her wearing this jumpsuit, I mean, because seeing her popping up on your blog wasn’t surprising (who can resist her?..)not sure quite whats going on with her hair. is it just me who getting a slight amish vibe?i prefer her scruffy shorts and tee look, but i’m always one to champion thinking outside of the box!and in answer to your question, I’ve written a lot from a young age, so I guess you could say so, though not be profession! keep your eyes peeled for my “writing gig”. (kind of..) mum’s the word, you should see soon! cool stuff..have a lovely weekend!xx

  15. I would love it just as a top with jeans, absolutely gorgeous your right she really does pull it off!

  16. This is so hard to wear but she makes it look cool and easyMost people would look terrible I imagine!

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