my photography take two

i thought i would share some photography i have been doing the past year or so. i love the look of film, so its all i shoot. here are a few of my favorite photos i have taken, but i have some more on my flickr ( and i post new photos there whenever i get a roll developed. hope you guys enjoy!

12 thoughts on “my photography take two

  1. These are fabulous! I love the last few especially. I’m nowhere near disciplined enough to shoot with film — my photography technique is usually to take as many photos as I can and sort through them later. But these are just gorgeous!

  2. Hannah…

    You’re back! :0)

    I said it to you over a year ago, by email – and I still think it today – that you have the most incredible and artistic eye. I could imagine visiting a gallery and happily daydreaming over your photographs for hours.

    Welcome back to blogging and don’t leave us so long next time,
    Sarah x

  3. i feel horrible i never saw this comment for over a year! im so sorry! i use a canon rebel k2 with iso 800 film so its extra grainy and i love how the color turns out.

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