26 thoughts on “red carpet perfection two

  1. I agree!!! That dress was mind blowingly beautiful. Marion is gorgeous!

  2. she's so glamourous..
    she has this "je ne sais quoi" that French women often have.
    So sad I'm not French :(

  3. Hi, again! aahhah
    Marionone of the best dresses, hey niche blog love the pictures

  4. I absolutely loved that dress… you'd think fish scales would be overwhelming but somehow they worked… I guess her winning the Oscar helped!

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  6. This dress is absolutely stunning! The fish scales are so intricate and add the perfect amount of detail!

  7. she is incredible, a real beauty and so talented as well. i love your blog, love the header. hope you don't mind i linked you!X

  8. That women is the ultimate. I just think shes breathtakingly beautiful and has a vivacious personality to boot. Great style.

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