22 thoughts on “kate moss in love magazine

  1. those photos are beautiful.

    yes, waking up at noon and picnics really are the best!

  2. oh my, that first photo of her …
    no matter how many times i see it, i still love it the same .
    she’s like a corrupt barbie .

  3. Her beauty never becomes a bore. Maybe it’s because she’s a true individual… A nice editorial anyhow =)

  4. everything looks better in black and white. especially when it is the lovely miss moss xxx

  5. moss looks so unlike herself in the first photo. it is unsual to see he looking so unrecognisable, don’t you think?

  6. she is a sexy goddess, i am in love with the last picture although every single one is perfection..she resembles marilyn monroe to me with the short curly blonde hair.

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