32 thoughts on “those satin shorts

  1. HOT! Shame I don’t have the figure to pull them off ;)xxPS. Nice to see you ‘back’ again!

  2. Love the look. But I can see a wrinkle problem a mile away. I always seem to wrinkle everything I own so. . . :p<3

  3. now i’m totally curious about the life changing effects! guess i should use my imagination..

  4. sometimes i think i get more satisfaction finding the perfect basic than the amazing colorful ensemble. funny how that works.

  5. Satin shorts! Wohoo! I have some really breezy lavender silk shorts and they changed my life too!

  6. really ! i’ve been lusting over them for about a year or two, and i want them so terribly .
    i now might just buy them :)

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