i try to be like grace kelly…



gracephotos by howell conant


51 thoughts on “i try to be like grace kelly…

  1. I <>love love love<> Grace Kelly! She was just so incredibly beautiful, elegant & graceful! Love these photos of her, just gorgeous! Happy New Year!xx

  2. This is beauty. Classic beauty.People can say all they want about people like Megan Fox (honestly, I do not see the appeal) being “beautiful”, but I’m afraid in this world of too-much-plastic-surgery and things concerning, true beauty may be a thing of the past…?Isn’t that just so tragic?Romanyxx

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  4. i love these! i’ve tried to pull off that slicked back ponytail look, but i just can’t work it like she can.

  5. This is amazing. I saw the Grace Kelly exhibit in Paris this past summer and was in AWE! She is lovely.

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