gwyneth paltrow as margot tenenbaum


i love gwyneths look in this movie: the fur coat, the loafers, the heavy eye, the hair clip. its perfection.

if you havent seen this film, it is one of my favorites and i suggest you give it a try.

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42 thoughts on “gwyneth paltrow as margot tenenbaum

  1. Her style is very classic.This film has been a 100 times on german TV but I never watched it a good film?Kind of really like the eye make-up.P.S. I was very pleased to here from you hannah ☺

  2. I really love the look of Margot, and really her entire personality is just fantastic. So emo.. :PI’ve lost the count on how many times I’ve seen the movie, it’s a regular on some of the tv channels here. It’s a classic.

  3. So… i must see the film!! i love gwyneth, is really stylish and speak spanish perfect! xDfantastic blog!

  4. One of my favorite films… I’ve seen it a ridiculous amount of times. But ‘Running With Scissors’ is a close second!

  5. I do too. I signed up for her style mag called “gooop” and I think she is doing really well with that. did you see?

  6. so glad you are back! Have so missed your posts! Thanks for your comment and checking out my blog… Looking forward to more posts from you- every one is amazing! I think we have similar style… x

  7. I might give this film a try. I love Gwyn lately, she’s become a total icon with those skyscraper heels.

  8. her look in this movie was the best, probably my favorite gwyneth look as it wasn’t proper or perfect.

  9. she was great in this film. her look was just crazy looking good way!!!everything she dressed in that film was so cooooool.

  10. honestly i dont know why the world is obssesed with her ! she’s cute but look like an american next door 40’s woman !! is that original

  11. one of my favorite movies of all time, for sure.her haircut is amazing, and of course the fur coats, too.

  12. i love the dark comedy that this movie portrays, definately one of my favorites of all time.great blog btw, first time visiting! will follow and link back! :)

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