chic filles

vogue paris, august 2008
styled and modeled by : julia von b., melanie h., geraldine s., veronique d., claire dehlens and vanessa reid
chic filles

chic filles

chic filles

52 thoughts on “chic filles

  1. Oh I like!Especially the files on Véronique and Geraldine.Will try my best to get my hands on this issue. Thank you:)

  2. paris vogue is about one million times more reliable than vogue us when it comes to beautiful fashion stories, spreads, and it girl features.i would kill for a subscription !zoe

  3. great pictures form the mag. There really is not alot of color- i guess thats what you can expect for fall/winter though. I love the Veronique page best… has a vintage, calm, and kind of spunky feel to it.

  4. i love geraldine saglio! she is so natural and effortless! thanks for sharing this with us! fabulous spread xo

  5. there’s just no topping vogue paris. i love the leopard ankle boots on veronique’s, the buckle balenciaga clutch on geraldine’s.thanks for scanning a larger version of this.

  6. i love when mags publish people’s favourite things or the must haves of the moment :)I’ve copied these images (hope you dont mind) not to publish them (of course – PROMISSE) but just to keep them because I really love it and most of the times i collect those from all the mags and put in a personal fashion file :)big kisssu

  7. I LOVE THOSE much, they’re so great, maunly because i’m obsessed with collages.xjessica

  8. You moved?! My mom is dying to live in Arizona. She loves the hot weather; it reminds her of Africa.I’m digging the Chic Filles.

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