icon of the moment: vanessa traina



45 thoughts on “icon of the moment: vanessa traina

  1. yay!mutual excitement then by the sounds of things, as I am so glad that you are back!so what’s new with you, then? where did you move to?and excitement x2 with ms traina; i’m hoping we’ll be seeingt more of her with NYFW in full swing.x

  2. oh wow moving is fun but exhausting! so glad your back :)xxxand i adore this woman-shes amazing esp. in the balenciagas where she is sitting down

  3. moving? ugh, you poor thing. and this traina is wonderful, esp. in the brown lace dress. i can relate to her prominent shoulders.

  4. oh wow she outshines mary kate/ashley in one of those photos. she’s gorgeous. i’m definately keeping her in mind for some inspiration.p.s i’m wayy jealous that you have the perfect shorts to recreate those alexander wang shorts. but i’m on my way to look for some eco levis online now! thanks for the hint :)

  5. I’m so happy to see you back again! Your posts are always so good. This one too..you always impress me! I love Vanessa Traina, she always looks so cool and chic.xxx

  6. who is this girl, stylist? love the black coat in the 6th column good to see you’re back- good luck settling in!

  7. Hi! I dunno if you remember me but I used to have the blog Chez Beaute. My new site is Femme Rationale. If you don’t mind, I’ve already linked you on my new site since you were linked before on my old one. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. :)Anyway, I always thought she had amazing style that was constantly overshadowed by her more “famous” friends.

  8. i love the simplicity of her style… and then it seems she adds a really daring piece now and then which really revs it up a notch!

  9. Hi, My name is Audrey Rogers. I am style editor for The Durham Sanctuary University Newpaper, I also am a contributor for fashionverbatim.net and have my own blog: http://www.befrassy.com. I just wanted to say, that I LOVE your blog, its content is truly inspirational and I love the way you present fashion to your blogger audience. Yours has, I must admit, become a must-read for me. Anyway, I was wondering, would you like to exchange links? Personally I would love to reccommend your blog to my readers and would really appreciate it if you did the same for me. So let me know, check me out on http://www.befrassy.com, for some delicious fashion ramblings and digressions! xxxx audrey leighton rogers

  10. hi friend!I hope you can be back soon!You have a great blog and you are a great friend!a kiss for you,from Kira

  11. I love her too…The givenchy leather jacket with gold studs is so fab! Hope u settle in your new local… I finally have my NEW blog, hope you drop by dear…Charmed* as always~

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