michelle williams for band of outsiders

band of outsiders (6)

45 thoughts on “michelle williams for band of outsiders

  1. poloroids are so wonderful! have you ever been to the site polynoid.com? it has oodles and oodles of poloroids. a must see website.xx

  2. i loved these images.i think michelle deserves more recognition as she’s so subtley stylish.

  3. i loveeeeee this shoot!!! band of outsiders is amazing, michelle is amazing…they couldnt go wrong!!

  4. I love the styling of the shots. In the last one it seems as if she’s been caught in the act, haha. Great shots.

  5. these are the kind of polaroids i would consider hanging on my wall, you are amazing!

  6. Polaroids instantly make everything cooler.Thanks for commenting on my blog ( I know it was, like, in march, hahaha I just got back to blogging)I don’t think your blog is in my faves, I’m adding you :)Loveeee

  7. Hi hannah,i tried to email you to see how you were doing! i hope your fine, i worry too much ahah when i see that someone doesnt blog im afraid theyy arent doing well-i know strange, but i hope your well and happpy.xxxx

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