i need this ring

moderne ring

tiffanys moderne ring…$225

edit: i bought it! and i love it.


36 thoughts on “i need this ring

  1. um, yea, I’m gonna need one, too. xop.s. this may make me sound like an erin wasson stalker, but I just came across her interview on refinery 29..good stuff.

  2. im always scouting tiffany’s hoping for that one diamond in the rough. this ring is undeniably one of those.

  3. I was just at Tiffanys Perth about an hour ago. I didn’t see that ring tho. Pity. Oh god.. I do love that ring. :) xxx thanks for your sweet comment in my blog.

  4. I love how the photograph really draws attention to the ring without any distractions. It really shows how even the advertising for tiffany’s sets them apart from the rest of the jewelers out there. That ring is really cool. It’s simple, but chic. If you really want to splurge, go for it, but I’m not quite sure its what I would do with 225 dollars…xoxChoubelle

  5. ah yes, rings are my vice.and maybe shoes too..i’d love it even more if it was black and gold i think. like a little givenchy imitation..!

  6. love the design, we’r gonna have to look for a boyfriend to get it for us, that will be way better ;)Thanx for your lovely comment, glad you are enjoying our blog..sending you some ramone love,ramona.mia

  7. Dear, shall we ask Tiffany a discount for a bulk order, since I believe many of us adore that ring…. heheeeeeeeeeee and you indeed did a great promotion and deserve a free one, don’t you think? xxxxxxxxxx

  8. 225 DOLLARS TO MAKE A WOMAN’S FINGER SEXY !is that right ?cheers from ParisKamelSTYLE AND THE CITY . COM – PARIS

  9. this has got such lovely hardware, yet maintains that tiffany-esque class. great find!

  10. that ring is an absolute must. i might just have to purchase that today, ahh my weekness for jewelry. Anyways, love love love your blog, mind if i link you?

  11. wow that ring is so different from what tiffany’s usually sells… its more rough and rigid and i love it!

  12. there’s one VERY SIMILAR at Diesel…. its actually on sale right now ($46)… yes, please run to the nearest store asap!Love,the.ramonas

  13. ahhh, we can be ringmates! the boyfriend got me this ring for my 26th birthday last november (along with a miniature poodle whom we named Cudi, after Kid Cudi), and i wear it all the time, on my left index finger ;)

    this ring rocks! x


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