erins apartment

erins apartment

these are from, taken by the wonderful photograper todd selby.

thanks to jessie for pointing these out! definitely go check out her lovely blogs.


35 thoughts on “erins apartment

  1. aw, thanks hannah! god, i love her place! so natural. i love the beams and brick, and her simple, yet bold aesthetic. xo

  2. Love it, and it just fits perfect to her :) really really interesting as all your posts are :)

  3. oh god,it’s everything i had hoped for and <>more!<>thank you so much for these!

  4. unpretentious and effortless isn’t it.thanks for sharing this. it looks very much like a creative space with her personality all embedded into each and every corner. I wish I could have that kind of space.. ^^♥ songy

  5. Thank you SO much for posting these and linking, too. I absolutely adore seeing her apartment and you can definitely tell its hers – all of the amazing art, music and random figurines. Especially the layout, so beautiful!xo

  6. love it! this feels really ny to me, but i think she lives in california? p.s. what chain incident wendy?

  7. funny, i was just telling jessie how i came accross one of her pictures and saw something that i recently purchased myself. Is the one that has all these pictures and antiques hung up in the big wall (next to the dining table). The object i’m talking about is this white ceramic revolver gun with a white rose sticking out. I just bought 4 of them. You can get them at… have really cool stuffLove,the.ramonasby the way, we linked ya!

  8. these pictures make me want to get into interior design again!come by the blog sometime

  9. why model never smile ? lolwhen i am shooting during the Paris fashion week, i always try to make them laugh.i want then to have fun and when they play the game, smile, laugh, they are so beautiful.i think i’m gonna call Erin for another photo shooting ! lolcheers from ParisKamelSTYLE AND THE CITY . COM – PARIS

  10. I fall more in love with these phots everytime I see them. Your blog is great I am adding you to my daily read right now!

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