that jumpsuit


only julia von boehm could pull of this look with such ease…and make it look oh so chic.


33 thoughts on “that jumpsuit

  1. Julia’s a beauty, she’s amazing…I have something similar in my closet, a black satin jumpsuit I NEVER wear. I was going to get rid of it but now I’m having second thoughts :)

  2. Oh I haven’t been here so long.Sorry but I “moved” to another computer and had to change my favorite list completely.Usually I prefer short jumpsuits but on her…amazign!

  3. I would never look good in a jumpsuit, but my god she looks great!! And with the heels!

  4. What a chic look! She rocks in the jumpsuit – chic and urban slick! I love it xxxx

  5. I concur.jumpsuits are what i’d call a nearly impossible look to pull off, but she looks great:)xoxo

  6. these are both so great. and that right photo stopped me in my surfing tracks when i first saw it.

  7. Beautiful! And I’m sure that only a few girls could look amazing, like her, wearing that jumpsuit!Great post!

  8. that truly is amazing how she works this one-piece. i would look like a short, stumpy mess with a camel toe!

  9. you’re absolutely right hannah. not many could pull this off and make it look effortless.sigh. hello marc jacobs frog purse…

  10. I think the only way of actually pulling off a jumpsuit is through simplicity. And she knows it!xx

  11. I’ve gotten so I really like jumpsuits. I used to hate them a little, haha, but she looks great in it.

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