sienna @ misshapes, 2006

sienna misshapes (2)


42 thoughts on “sienna @ misshapes, 2006

  1. oh wow. i love thes pics! she looks rather drunksky! but gorgeous none the less. she can do no wrong.xx

  2. oo ilove her hat, and the picture quality is amazing!you do put the best pictures up :)oh and i am so happy you are doing the purse thing too!xxxknightcat

  3. I will never stop loving Sienna. I PINE for her when she was a hippie and with Jude Law. He’s a moron.

  4. She is gorgeous!!! the first photos are so cool. Love her stylish hat.Hugs from Angel.

  5. Oh I love Sienna, I havent seen these photos yet, they are fantastic :D Thanks for the great style posts

  6. I adore Sienna so much, and these photos are fantastic! I love the straw trilby that she is wearing!xx

  7. the true test of beauty – how you look tipsy behind the dj booth standing next to leigh lezark. that first picture of her is beautiful!

  8. Ahh I’m not a huge Sienna fan, but she looks cute… I like her outfit ‘n it looks like she’s having sooo much fun.

  9. You’re very welcome. We have super similar tastes, I love it! Sienna is so phenomenal, don’t you think? <>Sigh..<>Hope you’re doing well, pretty!xxoxoxo

  10. Love the old party pics from misshapes now that it’s really pretty much over as an event. Sienna looks gorgeous in these.

  11. i know some people felt as though sienna was overexposed and got sick of seeing her everywhere. i’m the exact opposite and think she’s pretty much perfect! she totally was rocking the fedora back in 06!

  12. Awesome strobe effect. I wonder if that was on purpose?Lol at the guy on the left’s expression in the bottom pic!Romanyxx

  13. THANKS for posting. ive only seen the first one. oh sienna. she is such a beauty! im back from blog hiatus by the way. hope your weekend’s been good!

  14. I love Sienna too, especially the period during 2006-07, her fashion sense was sooo strong by then, every outfits of her was amazing. The recent Sienna just look tired to me, I hope she can always be the happy girl.

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