chic luggage

chic luggage
i have been lusting after globe-trotter luggage for some time now, because it is just so chic and lovely, but sadly my bank account cant manage the prices of these beautys.

some available at, check out for store locations.


46 thoughts on “chic luggage

  1. I perfectly understand you. My account is just the same ((( These bags are gorgeous.Hugs from Angel.

  2. Ohyes, I would lvoe to get a red one too! I think shopping for luggage is something that many people don’t do !

  3. scrolling down your blog the pictures look so great!! i would love some super chic luggage too. im almost embarrassed of what i tote around on my travels!

  4. ooh these are lovely! my dream is to get hold of luggage that is either true vintage or at least a vintage style, they just always look so amazing…

  5. ditto on the bank account lol.i totally know whwat you feel about wanting super cute luggage, the normal every-one-has-the-same-black suitcase is soooooooo not cute.

  6. I just saw these in my jcrew catalog like two days ago! love, but luggage gets so beat up.

  7. really fancy!but when you afford a great luggage, i suggest you to buy a smaller one that you can keep in the plane with you. Because, if you buy a bigger one for sure your luggage won´t be new anymore after the first flight. It´s awfull how they don´t care about our luggage, so sometimes it´s better to have a cheaper one…or a smaller to travel with us :)a kiss

  8. ooh! so chic. i’d be tempted to get some sandpaper, rub it over the edges to give that vintage look and stick vintage travel stickers on it.

  9. they are so beautiful. I used to not care about how i traveled just as long as I could carry everything..but once when i arrived at the SF airport I saw this woman who looked so chic carrying rad luggage..i still just have my duffel bags :(

  10. Oh I totally get this! Last year on our honeymoon I got the offer to buy a vintage gucci luggage and did not- a decision I have regretted ever since!!! I love to travel instyle, although the budget for these are alittle steep.

  11. Oh my gosh that is some truly beautiful luggage, gorgeous colours and lovely old fashioned style :) Sadly my bank account probably couldn’t afford them either

  12. I saw one of these Globe-Trotters in Harper’s Baazar, so cute, but so pricey!

  13. i agree with Kira, they’re great but if you travel a lot, go with a small carry-on if you can.

  14. i love vintage looking luggage it makes it seem more luxurious when you travel, and may i suggest ebay i have been searching for luggage like this for some time too and ebay has some really cute vintage luggage

  15. I’ve been looking for chic globe-trotter luggage too. Something like Carrie Bradshaw has in the series. Travelling just looks so much better and more elegant like that. These are such great finds, Hannah!xx

  16. Oh this reminds me I need some new luggage! Sadly I won’t be able to afford anything so lovely either =[

  17. I like these photos! luggage is quite simple : A louis vuitton’s one.. haha :-)

  18. hannah, your blog is so inspirational – im adding you to my top reads ( i should have done this a loooong time ago)ive always wanted really old vintage louis vuittonn but these are stunning as well!

  19. I’m absolutely in love with your blog, it’s so many beautiful things in one place. You have a really great sense of style. Thank you for voting, Hannah. You’re amazing, bb!xoxoxo

  20. Those are great. i would need to get me one form my next summer holidays to Croacia! I am so exited about it that I can’t wait! i want to go now!

  21. hi friendme still unable to express himself in English sorry your pretty girl friend

  22. This is my travel fantasy! This luggage would make any trip more bearable. I 100% adore it.

  23. have you seen the darjeeling ltd?don’t even get me started on the LV luggage, specially designed.sighh!

  24. hey girl! i tagged you to do a “whats in my bag?” post! just check you my blog to see what i mean.. cant wait to see yours :)xxxknightcat

  25. way cute luggage.. so chic, so stylish, so functional. You can’t go wrong, good choice. :)

  26. These are very nice. Don’t worry about the price! There’s some pretty nifty ones at this girl’s store < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.

  27. I have a brand new three piece globe-trotter set for sale that I won on a game show. Anyone interested in purchasing it, or suggestions how to sell it?

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