greatest hits: rachel bilson

rachel bilson (11)


40 thoughts on “greatest hits: rachel bilson

  1. I like her now, but when she was in The OC I used to think that she was sooo boring. Now, she has a great fashion taste

  2. WOW, I am completely gaga over this white blouse with a big bow!!!! How adorable!!!

  3. I find it very interesting that when the OC was everywhere, all anyone ever wanted to talk about was Mischa. Rachel was sort of like the brunette living in Mischa’s sandy blonde shadow.And now, after all is said and done, Rachel is everywhere and idolised for her impeccable fashion.I wonder if the same will happen for the Gossip Girl stars? Although I suppose Leighton Meester isn’t exactly living in Blake’s shadow, is she? Romanyxx

  4. OMG rachel Bilson is all over the place now. Shes fantastic and i love all the pictures here!

  5. i will never tire of rachel bilson’s style! i seriously want to steal her entire wardrobe!xoxo

  6. i love when you do greatest hits!! and rachel bilson is totally one of my favorites!!

  7. i totally agree with romany, shes popped up evrywhere this weekend and its a huge reminder how she’s always classic. Why doesnt the press beat down her door? Shows you how they only love you when you get it <>wrong<>!!

  8. Rachel is my syle icon. This girl can’t do any wrong in the eyes of fashion. I want to raid her closet… sheesh :P Although I think my fav outfits of hers include jeans ‘n boots… Love ’em! Nice post :)

  9. She is one of my absolute favorites. I love almost everything she wears, and she dresses her proportions impeccably.

  10. I agree, I was watching the OC last night and she dresses way better now than she did on that show. I always preferred Marissa’s style. But off camera, Rachel is awesome!! ♥

  11. i love rachel bilson…i especially loved the cream dior dress she wore to the art elysium event just a while back, it was such a classic look on her

  12. i like rachel more than mischa, always have, always will. brunettes should stick together. rachel strikes me as a down to earth, chill girl to hang out with, judging by her style. i like it.

  13. you have no idea how much i adore rachel bilson she is so adorable and she really knows what styles work for her!

  14. I love her style. I prefer her casual looks than her party-ones. And she looks like the girl next door, i think it’s perfect!

  15. I’ve always loved Rachel, right since when she she was Summer in the OC. She has great style.

  16. i love rachel bilson. sometimes i do feel like she pulls many of her ideas from the likes of mk olsen and kate moss though. who cares i guess. we all recycle each others looks now and again. how can you not with all of the magazines and fashion blogs! too many style icons out there…famous or not!!

  17. oh yeah you really chose some of her best outfits , sometimes I think she wears some really unflattering things, but you show some great outfits!! Thank you :)

  18. im seriously obssessed with the baggy pants blue shirt scarf outfit! she rocks.

  19. Oh Rachel Bilson my favorite little style bunny…so many cute ensembles and usually perfect for her bodyline too. Love her!

  20. Sehr schöne Auswahl, vielen Dank! Einige Bilder sind gleich in den “Inspirationen”-Ordner gewandert :)

  21. Thanks for all the pics, they made my day. I’m a huge Rachel Bilson fan she was always my fav OC girl.

  22. thanks for posting these! her style is so inspirational. ugh, i just want to own her whole wardrobe basically..

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