another erin editorial


this editorial is from paris vogue, im not sure when it is from or who the photographer is, but the stylist is the amazing julia von boehm.

50 thoughts on “another erin editorial

  1. I like that cool rock chic attitude best on her, but sometimes she looks pretty old like in the 4th picture. maybe because her features are so…hard.

  2. Gosh! Those pictures with dogs and surfboard are great… she looks so cool and simply fantastic!!!

  3. Even though she never did Covergirl, I think Erin is the epitome of the phrase “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful”

  4. Like I already wrote I don’t like her so much but anyway the pics are great and I totally love her outfits!

  5. Love the surfboard pic – so carefree. Why can’t life be that simple? :)Romanyxx

  6. Amazing editorial!Love all the photos and the outfits!And she is so beautiful!

  7. that girl doesn’t need any special photographer or stylist- she ‘s always breathtaking. luv it!

  8. my dear friend,thank you very much for the comment you left on 16 diaries.RomanY is a wonderful person i do appreciate.i do appreciate that my street styles photos gives you more than ever the desire to come in Parisi just want to humanize fashion by showing that real people are more stylish and real life (in Paris) more beautiful than the fashion shows !isn’t it ?Welcome to Parisi wish you a great evening and lot of happiness.Kamelstreet style romancer in Paris

  9. I love that photographers are realizing going back to basics is the best!Erin is one of the most attractive women I’ve seen in my life!xx

  10. i love erin wasson! shes has one of my favorite model looks ever- so surfer girl chic:)

  11. i love her.althought it has occured to me that in all these eds she’d being herself.

  12. hi hi from Parisgreat selection !congratulation !i noticed that you like stylish people.may be you’ll like my street style photo romances in Parisif not, i kill myself ! loland by the way, i met Sarah jessica Parker in Paris and… yes yes, the photos are online, as if you were there !have a wonderful day !ps : i hop i won’t have to kill myself, because my mother love me. lol2 questions :-People say in my blog that parisian girls are the best dressed ever. what do you think ?-do you prefer to win clothe of week ends/weeks in Paris ?let’s keep in touch !Kamelstreet style romancer in Paris

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