photos by stacey mark

stacey marks

i love staceys photography, very soft and beautiful.

stacey also used to be the photo director at nylon magazine.

photos via


32 thoughts on “photos by stacey mark

  1. She is such a lovely photographer and you picked a lovely collection of pictures :) I wish I was one of the girls in her pictures, they are gorgeous with a bit of attitude ;)

  2. oh yes she’s gorgz! these photos give me the impression that i could have taken them. and that’s a success for me. bcz i definitely couldn’t!!!

  3. “stacey’s mom..”ack, i couldn’t resist. the staceys of the world must be letting out a collective sigh!these are gorgeous, i too agree.and the old photo director at nylon? ohh, that explains it..xx

  4. Any idea who the girl in the 2nd and 3rd picture is? She’s amazing…there’s something seriously intriguing in her eyes..

  5. its interesting that you said she used to be a photo director at nylon, the shoot definitely looks very nylon-esque

  6. Completely agree – lovely photography, x

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