my favorite photo of brigitte



38 thoughts on “my favorite photo of brigitte

  1. She’s got a cute expression there! Like little ranch girl hair and outfit. Everything looks natural and great.

  2. the light makes it even more beautiful, I mean just take a look at her hair! beautiful pic!

  3. Wow. she is beautiful, one of those people that you think, if I could trade for her looks and body my whole life would be so different! I try not to think that way, but I can’t help it with Brigitte. and I totally want a pet deer.

  4. shes really pretty, but shes an ignorant idiot. shes racist, and thinks all muslims should get out of france. how sad.

  5. She’s one of my favourite screen sirens. The world is a better place now that her “smoky eyes, pale lips” trademark (one that can easily be emulated) is a part of it.Beautiful photo.Romanyxx

  6. oh my..this is the most <>stunning<> picture i’ve seen in a long time.what is it about your eye and your ability to scoop such loveliness for your blog?perfect!

  7. It’s a gorgeous shot. How many people have the chance to take a picture feeding a deer like this with the sun shining down on them, and looking this gorgeous?

  8. OK, so this is the pic I need to take to the hairdressers with me next time I go.

  9. She is gorgeous and that is an amazing photo, thanks for sharing it with us!! :)

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