the girl from oz

vogue uk, july 2006
gemma ward, photographed by corinne day:

girl from oz (2)


30 thoughts on “the girl from oz

  1. i think i remember this editorial! luv it how corinne day plays with her girls!craving for summer time :D

  2. i remember (and love)this shoot. i have two mental links to it-the summer of ’06 i was ballgirling at the International Tennis Tournament for women in england and another ballgirl had left the latest vogue on the table while she was on court, after whingeing to my friends that i wanted to read it and getting told just to do it, i did. ahhh. i ooohed and aaahhed over the gemma shoot and ended up using it in my fashion magazine for a media project. ;) i love the surf shot.

  3. omg those pics are so summergemma links so amazingits such a pity she stopped modeling (runwaay modeling)

  4. gemma ward is pretty in a strange way, i like her, i also love the bag that you bought, its really worth keeping :)

  5. these are pretty old, i remember loving them even before i liked fashion (i was a roleplay nerd, ahaha) i think she’s beautiful.

  6. I love the light and colours of the shoot!And Gemma looks SO beautiful in the first two pictures, look at those eyes!!xx

  7. Very summer-esque photography, I like it. She’s very pretty as well. Nice editorial choice.

  8. ay! its elle. im blogging again. but i made a new name. i love gemma she is gorgeous

  9. Hi! I’ve tagged you to reveal 6 quirks! Visit my blog to get the rules, if you haven’t already done this before. I look forward to reading them.

  10. this was the first time i was really introduced to gemmashes so amazing in every aspect!

  11. Just came across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed all the photos. Thank you! Lee from Hong Kong

  12. she’s lovely especially in the first picture. And hannah, I’m sorry but I tagged you so…maybe you can check my blog for further information =)

  13. She hasn’t been much on the circuit for a while, but of late she’s been cropping up in several different editorials, she looks different in this set.

  14. I remember those! I love that editorial! The pohtos are amazing and Gemma is gorgeous!

  15. I love her. I hate that people keep saying she’s gained weight arghh, what does that even mean. she’s beautiful.

  16. corinne day used to be such a great photographer. this editorial seems very mainstream compred to her other work.

  17. I love your blog , that’s inspire me for new trends ( sorry for my english i’m french …)Go to see my blog :DBisouss

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