remember her? well, while i was browsing garance dore, i found a post on her. her name is barbara and is a brazilian fashion writer. she has an amazing sense of style, and an incredible collection of shoes.

what do you guys think of her?


barbara (2)


34 thoughts on “barbara

  1. I love her! I saw all the pics of her on garance dore too, and I’ve saved a few from the Sart.

  2. I think she works for Spanish Vogue. She has such great style, I wish there were more pictures of her!

  3. omg that aren’t shoes right? they seem like… jeans that are cut off at the wrong side… hell… but she can wear them no question. =)

  4. Yes I love seeing her shots. Her over the knee boots, giant scarf and leather jacket are fantastic.

  5. She is so pretty. Her clothes and shoes (as you write) are very stylish. I realy like it:)Alice :)

  6. gorgeou! i love the top left hand corner the most – are those leather pants? with those great open toed (?) cutout boot type things? looks fantasticactually my favorite is the bottom right. very melanie h. and i do love an all black outfit …(ps. i’ve been meaning to email you – i hyperlinked your sienna/alfie post in one of my rafw reviews, hope thats ok! let me know if you want a more direct reference to your blog…)x

  7. hi!i am a brazilian too, but i don´t know her! she has an amazing style, those boots are awsome!what magazine is she working?a kiss and a hug,see you,Kira

  8. i absolutely adore her style and i ‘m craving for a pair of thigh-high boots like hers!!

  9. I love her style! Two thumbs up for the boots on the third picture – gorgeous!

  10. one of my alltime favorite style inspirations she’s the best stylist with THE best style!

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