on the set:

alfie on set

screencaps via


40 thoughts on “alfie

  1. i love her so much. she’s it for me. all other hollywood starlets pale in comparison.

  2. I like her daring style~ thanks for like the bags, we’re giving another super cute bag away, hope you can come and join!

  3. these photographs are gorgeous! i’ve never seen the movie although i’d like to now after seeing sienna’s style & i wouldnt mind listening to jude law’s accent for a couple of hours hahaxoxo

  4. i LOVED Sienna Miller in that movie, I think that is the reason I watch it so many times I think. She has the perfect hair, makeup and style in this film, sadly just a bad (but very hot) boyfriend ;)Thanks for posting all of these lovely pictures :D

  5. I’ve gotten tons of inspiration from her in this movie! thanks for posting <3

  6. I almost wanted to cut bangs when I saw this movie! Love the style shes channeling here…

  7. you picked amazing pictures, they look like out of a photoshoot!that’s right oh i just recognised jude law in that one picture ^^

  8. oh, my GOD!!i didn´t see this movie yet, but for sure i will!amazing post!thanks a lot for the tip!!!a kiss and a hug,Kira

  9. the photographs are nice. I’ve watched the movie a while ago, and it’s so cool. she looks great!

  10. Waw! I really enjoy these posts of yours with so many pictures! Thank you! ans Sienna looks great in this movie

  11. there evidently was a good stylist for alfie.i think the clothes definitely definitely definitely add a lot to the film.x.jessica

  12. i just love the scene where sienna opens the fridge while she’s in half naked !! what a body

  13. My god she’s gorgeous.It really is amazing just how beautiful she is.Stunning collection of pics – did you compile this yourself??Romanyxx

  14. I’m so glad I found your blog, I’ve never seen so many inspiring photos in one place! Keep it up, <3.xoxo

  15. thank you so so much for posting these! i genuinely hated the movie but have seen it about 7 times purely for sienna and her hair/wardrobe/awesomeness

  16. this is one of my favourite movies ever! i love jude law!and sienna miller’s look!

  17. I love both Sienna and Jude in this movie. I think it was this movie that made me fall in love with jude.

  18. she needs that hair style again, she looked so fab and fresh :) love love love her.

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