26 thoughts on “arsenic and old lace

  1. sooo cute, i love it!i wish i have a topshop here in my town!a kiss and a hug,Kiranice mischa´s below!

  2. It’s very classic, I love it, and I really love the new photo for your blog, very neat.x sara o

  3. topshop gets me soo upset, it sucks we dont have one here in california or any where in the u.s.oh yeah i really dislike mischa barton, but i like your blog :)

  4. Oh wow that is the cutest lingerie I have ever seen, I love the frills and the colour. Very modern and feminine :)

  5. I don’t know how good the quality of the high street lingerie is, but of late all of them have stepped their game up with really pretty pieces.

  6. what is it about frilly panties? they should be old ladyish and unattractive? but they’re so darn cute we cant help but love themxoxo

  7. cute cute lingerie!i luv your post with mischa outftits. lovely. each+every one of them.

  8. ahh yes, very to my taste!the rustic country femininity of both the pairs combined, but esp the blue frilly set!you’d probably like stella McC’s new underwear range too if you like this, i heartt it so much but sadly my bank account isn’t willing to budge..

  9. i wish for a canadian topshop, but it’s actually pretty expensive, so i’d always end up lusting …x.jessica

  10. Love the blue flouncy knickers! But what could possibly wear it under that wouldn’t show all kinds of lines!

  11. woow i love the left one! but you cannot wear that bra under a tight shirt because the lace could be seen through. im so mad that theres no topshop in germany :(

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