greatest hits: mischa barton

Mischa Barton


35 thoughts on “greatest hits: mischa barton

  1. I can’t seem to decide whether I like her casual or her ‘event’ outfits best. She really looks fantastic in so many things!

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger collection of hot Micha Barton style pics in my life, thank you for putting this all together, its very inspiring :D

  3. love love love mischa!!! her style is really laid back and casual but she also knows how to dress up fancy! she is def one of my fave young celebs to watch for fashion “inspirations”/tips

  4. wow, you’ve convinced me that she is a good dresser. I just feel like she’s been looking pretty awful lately. You forgot to include my favorite Mischa look, the red YSL gown she wore a couple of years ago, gorgeous!!!

  5. i hate the way she dresses, i mean it could be cute but it looks unnatural on her. i dont know, it just doesnt flow.

  6. i really love her style regardless of what others may say about her taste. she is so unique always!

  7. wow, this is a really thorough post, i have to say i’m impressed. i really like it when Mischa does the rocker vibe. i also really liked you Lou post. can’t wait to read more!

  8. i’m always iffy about mischa barton. sometimes i like her outfits sometimes i don’t

  9. wow thank you a lot fot all of those pictures! misha bartons style is a huge inspiration for me! shes so pretty!

  10. Her style is perfect! I like finding inspirations in her clothes, accesoriess and shoes. :)

  11. she’s the typical California girl and I love the way she’s wearing bright colors and cute boho dresses. So I was stunned by how great she looks in the picture when she’s crossing a street(waterbottle in her hand) ’cause she’s wearing subtle colors. Thanks for this post, it makes up my day =)

  12. She looks better as blonde, I don’t like her brunette her. I think she is cool but she must learn which kind of outfits are flattering to her body type. Sometimes she looks amazing and some others…Does she get fat lately? Because I’ve seen some pics of her on the beach and she was much fatter than before

  13. ive loved her since her OC days. even though rachel zoe styles for her she seems to defy the sterotypical zoebot look & remain super stylish:)also glad to see shes putting some weight onto her teeny framexoxo

  14. mmm this makes me sad!i agree with most of the pictures here, excluding the recent ones.i used to love her and then she just conformed to the boring LA girl stereotype.and she dresses soso badly these days!i wish i could get my hands on her and give her a styling session!

  15. he has the best style (or stylist?) of all the LA it gorl crew, well she used to. Some great pics here, I’ve never seen half of them.

  16. I’му never been a fan of Mischa Barton but I have to admit that she manages to look great every time.

  17. i am a huge fan of her early years. The Rachel Zoe time. She looked stunning 24/7 then.Great selection, btw!xx

  18. I personally don’t think that the extra weight suits her. I might be the only one, and I know it’s bad, but I think she looked better when she was waif-like. It just suited her better…Am I the only one? Plus, the extra weight she seems to have put on doesn’t look as if it was gained the healthy way, anyway.Romanyxx

  19. I love the first “little black dress” that you have on here. I think she looks great in it ‘n I would totally wear it myself. Ps. does she still have a lot of extra weight on? Last time I saw a recent picture she was kinda chunky… not her best look, I think if she’s going to gain weight she needs more muscle definition. :(

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