lou doillon

lou (2)


30 thoughts on “lou doillon

  1. She seems to be all over the place of late, I like that she’s not a conventional sort of pretty.

  2. i love those suspenders. i actually have a pair that i havent been sure what to do with but this is great:)xoxo

  3. she’s so strangely beautiful; i love her!also found it interesting that the french media kind of hate her because she represents the end of france’s great love affair (jane and serge)chh, i still love her, though!xxx

  4. She’s very unconventionally sexy. I don’t find her particularly pretty, but she just oozes sex appeal. Perhaps, because she’s French? The French are sexy no matter, in my opinion…Romanyxx

  5. oh my..Lou is stunning, though not in a conventional waythese photos are fantastic..she’s so chic !x

  6. She is gorgeous.She’s not totally conventional like other models- she’s got that endearing spark about her…

  7. i have the hugest obsession/girl crush on her rivaled only by my other one on erin wasson. imagine if they were combined and formed this mega-wicked-sexy-stylish girl…..

  8. How come some people are so effortlessly cool? Or is it all an illusion and really she tries as hard as the rest of us? Um, nope, she’s just got it.

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