fur perfection

love in the afternoon
vogue nippon, october 2007, lily donaldson, photographed by camilla akrans:

fur perfection


17 thoughts on “fur perfection

  1. Lily donaldson is among my many favourite models. I love the sunlight shining through the leaves on the top right picture.

  2. argh! where did you get this? i’ve fallen in love with it so.cute llamas by the way!

  3. I really like these photos. The lighting is great, it kind of has a calming feel to it. Great spread.

  4. lily makes me mad. she’s so pretty! and this shoot is perfect for spring, i wonder why it was an october spread?

  5. ohmigod i love this photo shoot! i adore that whole bohemian-fur coat wearing style, even if it isnt me!x

  6. Ooh Lily is so stunning. This spread is extremely raunchy… How uncomfortable would you feel shooting this kind of thing?Romanyxx

  7. so do you think i should grow out my hair or cut it again? i cant make up my mind. but anyways, i made a new blog. it is called PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE MODELS”. you should check it out

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