thigh high louboutins, dangerously chic

thigh high boots

photo via the sartorialist on


19 thoughts on “thigh high louboutins, dangerously chic

  1. That is some serious hotness. Reminds of something from the Devil Wears Prada. God I wish I could wear something like that…Romanyxx

  2. ohmigod i LOVE the outfit! im dyiiing for some over the knee boots. but all i can find in my price range are those horrible pvc hooker ones. boo. i want louboutins!

  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTi have a nice photo of her walking, leaving the Chanel show : it’s more impressiveHannah,to thank you, feel free to use sometimes some of my can even download the slide, so that you’ll have every week new photosas i’ve been proposed to create a pres magazine and a website, i have to create a network on the web and may be contributorsi’ll be glad to switch our linksi already pu yoursbest regards and congratulation for your work hereKamelstreet style romancer in Paris

  4. woaaaah! i’m blown away! those are so HOT. neeeeeed. and i agree with the clothes horse, i cant imagine getting those on!

  5. That lady has some great style there, she is wearing such a basic outfit but it just oozes with greatness :) Those boots are killer

  6. oooh i have boots very similar to them =D except they aren’t thigh-high. they’re knee high. still, i like them.

  7. i’m not a huge fan of these. but anyways, so i saw a picture of the make cupcakes not war t shirt that you wanted. the green and yellow one. the black and white one in my opinion is cuter so you shouldnt feel sad that they aren’t selling it anymore. those two colors shouldn’t be worn together, in my opinion.

  8. those are incredily high.. not only length wise, but the heels are incredible- i would imagine them to hurt!

  9. i must say i usually find ms donaldson quite annoying.a bit bland and UK/US Vogued out. but these are lovelyy. esp the second image with the shortshorts. totally to my style!

  10. Sex-ay! And I’m bitter that I’ve lost my over-the-knee Manolos…in my own house! They must be here somewhere, but I can’t find them! >:-(

  11. they look good on her – but they seem kind of like something you would only see in a fashion magazine. Like, it would be hard to pull this off and not look trashy, you have to have a certain look (and she has it).

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