greatest hits: mary kate olsen

mary kate


24 thoughts on “greatest hits: mary kate olsen

  1. It’s nice to refresh my memory by looking through here..she has such a great collection of jackets and coats.eeh, what I would do for a peek through her wardrobe. Or Ashley.Can you imagine?

  2. Hi Hanna! Finally I can comment on your blogThis girl had have some great outfits. Love the plaid shirt with skinny jeans comboA big kiss!

  3. ah i love mk’s outfits so much. she seems to have an innate sense of style. she literally would look fashionable wearing a trash bag hahaxoxo

  4. I do admire her for walking on such high heels. Wait they’re not even high heels, more like SUPER MEGA HIGH heels.Anyway, very inspirational pictures, thanks for gathering them all!!!I enjoyed this :D

  5. heyy h.hope you’ve been having a nice weekend; don’ know if you get an extended one like us with the monday/friday off.thats an interesting question actually, about the accents. i wouldn’t say I find american accents odd because i’m kind of used to hearing them on tv/film etc. but then again the accents vary so much. so deep southern accents or really strong pacino style accents (new york) are sometimes funny sounding.thats really made me think! can you as a foreigner diffrenciate between different english accents?phew, lots of ranting!xxx

  6. oh man. that was a lovely look.its cool seeing the clothes thatashley and her share worn differently.

  7. I loved this round-up. I really like MK’s style, even though its kind of hard to describe what I like about it. I like the way she combines different elements together, and her casual, urban, almost grungy style.

  8. There are only 2 things that I don’t like about Mary Kate Olsen: 1. she wears fur. And lots of it.2. she slouches giving her a ‘bobble-head’ look at times.But other than those her style is positively flawless. Great picks – you didn’t miss one of her ‘greatest hits’! :)Romanyxx

  9. Mary-Kate’s style is always such an inspiration, she just manages to get it right every time. I love her hair – so chilled and even slightly messy it still looks wonderful.

  10. What I wouldn’t give to own some of MK’s pieces (well, all of them really !) Great selection of pics !!

  11. I love her outfits when they’re simple, like jeans and a t-shirt. Simple, but chic… those are the best! :D

  12. i’ve always preferred ashley, but looking at these i realise i’ve understimated mk. she works flannel, scarves and fur in a way i can only dream about!

  13. AMAZING selection! And it was not an easy task! When someone dresses as well as MK, it takes a lot of time to decide which have been her hits.Great work!xx

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