greatest hits: ashley olsen

ashley olsen always looks cool, put together and chic. i adore everything she wears, and it seems like she could get away with wearing anything. im not sure if i like her or her sister better though, it depends on the day, but i have loved both them since i was little. it seems that when everyone was young they pretended to be one of the olsens, i was always ashley and my twin sister was always mary kate, so me choosing ashley over mary kate back then must mean something. i think i compare to ashley more with what i wear, and i feel like she is also very organized like me, but im more like mk in the other aspects of my life (expect a mary kate greatest hits post within the next week).

which twin are you more like/which do you like more?

ashley (2)


19 thoughts on “greatest hits: ashley olsen

  1. i wanted to be mk because when she was in switching goals mk was the sporty one and i loved soccer so i loved her lol. in 7th grade and 8th grade i swear i dressed exactly like her. now i think the things ashley wears are more what i would wear.

  2. As you said, I dress more like Ashley, and I prefer her. She seems more calm than her twin.

  3. im tots obsessed with both of their style. hands down my fav. girls to watch. day to day ashley is a bit more chic but mk more daring, its a toss up!

  4. I like Ashley the best. She always looks cleaner somehow? And she dresses far better. Also i thought she was a better actress in New York Minute :) x

  5. thats a shitload of picturesi guess i like the olsens, apart from their obvious style, because they’re short, and well, so am i, so its pretty cool to see how they wear their clothes. the only thing is that they tend to wear these HUGE heels and i frankly dont.ashley or marykate? BOTH

  6. i can’t tell the difference in these pics, but i love them both. i tend to like mk more actually. and whoever has the huge heels/no parking sign in her picture .. that outfit’s really nice

  7. good god how can i choose !?both, both, both.i have to say though, ashley looks beyond amazing all the time.but mk too .. anyway, i won’t get into it.i love both.x.jessicaps<> and yes i did take those pictures.

  8. i love ashley olsen and i realized that in almost every picture shes always wearing something black!

  9. when i was younger, i always liked mary kate best. but nowadays i can’t really tell them apart!

  10. i can’t really take them apart…i always seem to think its MK!but i think i prefer ashley style..both o them are chic!

  11. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)I love the Olsens, but Ashley is my favourite, no matter what. She is going to marry me, but she doesn’t know yet!Really, you made such a great selection of all her best looks, i enjoyed it so much!xx

  12. Ashley is the only one who an get away with the messy hair look. Love it.It’s funny that the Olsens are some of the most famous child stars in modern film and television history, and yet after 20 years they’re still in the public spotlight just as loved and revered as always except each with a style-icon status under their belts now. That kind of success doesn’t work for everyone, so if just for this simple fact, these are some twins to be seriously admired. Awesome picks! Right on the money.Romanyxxp.s. I didn’t know you had a twin! That’s amazing! I always wish I had a twin…

  13. for me i covet MK’s pieces. but its ashley’s overall style that i ashley is tops for me, mature, sophisticated, and chic.

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