paris vogue, august 2006

toute allure
carmen kass, photographed by terry richardson, styled by emmanuelle alt:
vogue paris

i love this editorial. it is perfectly styled, making carmen look effortlessly cool and chic. the accessories, the oversized tees, the blazers, the tousled hair, its amazing.


17 thoughts on “paris vogue, august 2006

  1. yeah and this shoot became kind of infamous (in a “us-fashion-bloggers-recognise-it kind of way!)Just scrolling through I was goind “ohhh” out loud as I believe I’ve seen quite a few of these images pop up in people’s headers since.ohh, i heart paris vogue, i heart emmanuelle and i heart hannah couture!

  2. i loved this editorial. i had it on my school folders and i would juststare at it all the time!

  3. I absolutely adore this editorial. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. It’s the epitome of effortless chic. Paris vogue is amazing…beats pretty much anything in American vogue hands down.

  4. Ahh Paris…one day, one day.Fingers crossed.Whose on the cover of this Vogue Paris issue just out of curiosity? Perhaps I’ll add it to my collection?Romanyxx

  5. I still love this story, it is still so relevant and stylish :)Thank you for posting the images

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  7. I love the “city cool” of this editorial. It feels fresh after all the studio and vintage shoots.

  8. He’s my fave fashion photographerThis shoot is so cool, I hadn’t seen it so thanks for posting!

  9. ahhh so it was Paris Vogue was it?! i had the last picture as my computer wallpaper a while back because i loved the pic so much….turns out all of them are gorgeous

  10. I hadn’t seen this!I love when they go for simple, chic instead od crazy innovation! This is absolutely PERFECT!xx

  11. i love it when models have very inspiring outfits on in their shoots. those i think are the best fashion photography. i just adore this editorial. thanks! :)

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