new york times style magazine, spring 2007

sporty spice
erin wasson, styled by marie-amelie sauve:

Dries Van Noten dress, $1,425. What comes around goes around vintage t-shirt. Maison Martin Margiela line 11 silk collar. American apparel socks. Chanel shoes.


Miu Miu knit cotton mini-dress, $950. At select Miu Miu boutiques. Marni viscose-and-cotton leggings, $324. American Apparel socks. Maison Martin Margiela line 22 boots.


Maison Martin Margiela show collection bodice, $315, wrap shorts, $545, and skirt, $775. Absolute Vintage socks and shoes.

yes. another post about erin wasson. i cant help it. i have an obsession…but dont we all?

i just had to post this shoot though. i love the styling. the mix of sporty with dressy, the socks, the photography, its divine.


8 thoughts on “new york times style magazine, spring 2007

  1. I love the third one for some reasons… Like the netted skirt and the whole BG depicts sadness.. a bit of agony… but her dressing is just something else. That red piece looks almost cute

  2. i love her attitude, she’s a lot like me and my friends in some ways, the way she doesn’t seem to care all that much.

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