cavlin klien ads

i loved kate moss in the old school calvin klein ads. she was so young and sexy, in a virginesque kind of way. so i was beyond excited when kate moss starred in the new calvin klein jean ads a short time ago. in the new ads she is raw, and simply gorgeous.

which ones do you like more?

calvin (5)

calvin (6)


17 thoughts on “cavlin klien ads

  1. Oh I can’t decide! I agree, she looks virginesque in the first ones, which is appealing. But the newer ones? I love them too! They are more raw and I love the poses. I just wish her facial expression changed a bit.

  2. I like the top right one. Masculinly chic… at least that’s what it looks like to me.

  3. Even though people might be over her, she will always be beautiful and cool. Both sets are great but i like the innocence of the first set.

  4. Ooh both ad campaigns are hot! In fact anything with Kate Moss is hot (except when it involves fur)! :)Oh I love Calvin Klein (all my jeans are CKJ), but I was left unsatisfied with the F/W 08 collection…oh well, there’s always next season, I suppose.Romanyxx

  5. Kate just suits perfectely to Calvin Klein, dunno what it is, but that’s my impression!

  6. she’s got this childish, youthful face in the old campaign. but I like the new one better, probably because it’s modern and her face now is more appealing to me.

  7. I like some from the first set and some from the second. I liked her look in the first set, but I prefer some of the styling for the new set.

  8.’s like choosing between the original and a good sequel, but really the first can only be the best as it gave way to the second idea.I do prefer that Kate is sexier in a more appropriate womanly way, rather than looking like a child as in the first.

  9. I don’t know… I have a hard time admiring someone who endorses fur and parties all the time. And the coke? Not a good role model.

  10. i think she grows more and more beautiful with age. she’s been through the mill of men, parties and drugs and now being a little more experienced with life and also being a mother gives her a little more curve and a strange luminous glow.

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