oh la la erin

erin (6)

erin (10)

photos via danmartensen.com


15 thoughts on “oh la la erin

  1. shes on a skateboard?i love her even more.not that I skate, it’s just that this picture reminds me of that slow motion part from Kids where they’re all walking down the road.sighhh.you know what? everyday I love your blog more and more..

  2. Wow Erin Wasson is really becoming the ‘model of the moment’ isn’t she?And rightly so, of course, she’s such a natural beauty. It’s a bit strange though, isn’t it? She’s been modelling for years and years and its only now that she’s REALLY becoming a household name…Can’t wait to see what she does next!

  3. only recently discovered hannah couture and am now visiting the page daily to check for new blogswonderful, wonderful worklove it x

  4. ^thank you kimberley! that is so sweet of you to say. i would leave a comment on your blog, but i cant seem to view your profile, so i will leave it here.

  5. i love erin! all the clothes i have been buying lately have been reflecting her style! thank you so much for this blognew posts make my day!

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