everyone loves michelle

innocence and experience
british vogue, april 2008, photographed by yelena yemchuk:


the unbearable lightness of being
elle, april 2008, photographed by tom munro:

one 1


17 thoughts on “everyone loves michelle

  1. in the first spread i like the third picture; lavendar dress. its intensein the second spread its so simple but i like itt! haha the first thing i noticed was the band-aid…

  2. I’m guessing edie sedgwick was the inspiration for the seconds spread…She always looks gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for this!I had no idea she was in Vogue! She looks stunning in that floral Stella McCartney that I so love.xx

  4. i like the elle spread better, but she’s gorgeous in either oneps: i love your blog

  5. I actually cannot wait to buy Vogue this month. Everything looks amazing but HOW did V.B get on the cover?! :) Would you like to exchange links? x

  6. i am not a big fan of british vogue which propose some ordinary stuffs !! nothin really excitin !! but nice blog

  7. Oh my she looks stunning!I love the first title picture in the Vogue spread, and the styling in the Elle spread is just to die for.Amazing finds! :)Romanyxx

  8. i prefer the vogue spread, but she looks lovely in both! the hair is really started to suit her well.

  9. i used to see her back before in dawnson´s creek…remember?still liking her :)a kiss and a hug!Kira

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