icon of the moment: daria werbowy

one of my favorite models has to be daria werbowy. she is extremely gorgeous and seems to never takes a bad photo (which just goes with being a model i guess ). like most models, she has incredible street style, she mixes tomboy and chic pieces with ease. i cant think of anyone else who could pull it off, well except for maybe her friend erin wasson. and like erin, she really knows how to work basic tees, leather and fur, my three favorites.

what do you guys think of miss werbowy’s style?

daria (16)

p.s. sorry for the watermarks on some of the photos, i couldnt find them without.

watermarked photos via lfi.co.uk


28 thoughts on “icon of the moment: daria werbowy

  1. I really like her. She’s so pretty but simply at the same time, she’s not too glamorous or something like that. Naturally beautifulThanks for your comments, I’m so happy that you like Alfie too!!!

  2. I haven’t paid alot of attention to her style but I am so glad for this post! She has such a casual chic that I really dig.

  3. I’m definetly in love with her style – shes my favourite model. the one black balmain dress she wore was perfection!i have a blog on her too :P

  4. just a question: where did you take the pics with the writing LFI? personally daria is my icon just because she’s so tomboysh… have a look at my blog if you like her. :-)

  5. wow, I’ve never really noticed it before, but she <>does<> have great style.that typical model quality of fantastic street style but scrubbing up very well indeed (THAT gold dress)and I’m very jealous of the mocassins, trying to find a pair myself that won’t bankrupt me (i’m talking about YOU apc..)xxx

  6. I love the fact tha Daria looks so chilled and comfortable in front of a camera which makes every outfit she wears suit her. Love the leather jacket with the golden dress. Great post.

  7. more than anything, im in love with her persona- even though every editorial is different she brings this sexy, easy sort of nomad quality to all of them…even in couture she just looks like a beautiful gypsy who fell into a thousand dollar dress!i think the secret’s in the hair :P

  8. emm i dunno because i’m from argentina as the brand of the teemaybe you can find something on ebaythe brand is called A.Y. NOT DEADthanks for your commernt!

  9. I very much like her style- it’s effortlessly cool.RE: Fort Collins is just a cool place- it’s not too small (where you know everybody) and it’s not too big (where you can feel like nobody). I’m studying Apparel & Merchandising here, and the program is really good. A lot of graduates apparently work for Tracey Reese! It really depends on your intended major, but I’m pretty much love this place. :)

  10. She is the TOP!Love her smile and her eyes and that hair and that everything! My perfect woman!xx

  11. Oh, she’s so gorgeous. My favorite thing of all about her style are her amazing sandals, I love them all!x sara o Scratched disks are no fun at all

  12. wow ive never noticed her clothing… and this is amazing i love all of her outfits and her shoes! thank you for posting this!

  13. first I thought her face was frozen ’cause she almost always has the same expression on her face, but then I saw one or two photos when she’s smiling :) Much better! and she seems to like jeans… But I’m a fan of her casual way of styling!

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