mia farrow in rosemarys baby

i adore mia farrows style in this movie. she wears incredible ensembles and really captures the whole effortless sixties vibe. the amazing short trapeze dresses and coats, and the natural makeup with a touch black eyeliner on the top lid really suit her and fits the era. i also love her haircut, it is hard to pull of such a drastic style, but she dons it with ease.

you can definatly see the influence this movie has had on fashion, some of chloes recent collections were remenisant of this film.

baby (9)

screencaps via thefashionspot.com (member 1karina1)


15 thoughts on “mia farrow in rosemarys baby

  1. That’s funny. My roommate is a film major and actually had to watch this movie for her class last week.I love the style of the 60s. My favorite Fashion Decade.

  2. love the outfits. oh i just wish i could go back to any time and relive the styles, and everything

  3. you’re so right about the sixties vibe. they’re lovely outfits, although i’ve never seen the film before.

  4. she is adorable. i guess i dont really know who she is though. i have heard of the movie. oh by the way does this show up as loveofprettythings?? cuz thats the one i am pretty sure i am on.

  5. i like her hair styles and i definitly see how it has come back to hollywood… her outfits are very cute- kinda plain, but very chic!

  6. honey, I’m really not trying to be rude, i think the picture content of your blog is amazing, it’s just that…perhaps you should run spelling and grammar checks before posting.otherwise, keep up the good work x

  7. Definitely, she’s beautiful! its good to know that there are other EX emos out there too:] i used to get mocked about sitting in the dark (which I so did NOT do) ps your blog is amazing

  8. anonymous, i have relized after i reread something i posted a few days ago that it doesnt make sense or something is spelled wrong (because for some reason the blogger spell/grammer check doesnt work sometimes). i try to cram all of my opinions about the subject in one little paragraph, and sometimes it is hard to make it flow, and i just thought no one would really care or notice. but i thank you for the constructive crtisism, i will be more careful before posting.

  9. Great set of pics there! I’ve always loved Mia and her hair change really effects the tone of the movie here… she becomes this frightened child almost.

  10. I’ve never seen the movie, just lots of pictures… She looks so fresh, even in rather prim ensembles. And I just LOVE the pixie cut.

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