red carpet perfection


michelle williams looking magnificent in vera wang at the 78th annual academy awards. one the best red carpet looks of all time in my book.

11 thoughts on “red carpet perfection

  1. It was pretty amazing. A colour that is not seen much because is not so easy to pull off, but she does it with such easiness.xx

  2. I completely agree with you Hannah, that dress and look is one of the best I’ve ever seen before in Oscar history. I really love it

  3. yes, totally agree, this always sticks in my head. especially considering the other dresses have been a little unworthy over the last couple of years.ekk, agreed addicted, too depressing seeing Heath looking all lovely. sighhh.

  4. that’s one of my favorite dresses and looks ever. and i remember heath so lovingly fixing her hair and her dress when the breeze would muss it up. oh heath…r.i.p.

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