vintage playboy covers

i adore vintage playboys covers, it is amazing to see that playboy was once a very classy magazine. nowadays playboy is more of a trash magazine, filled with blonde bimbos with fake breasts. but i love seeing the covers from the sixties, because they are classy, demure, and some quite fashionable. they used naturally beautiful girls, with natural bodies.

i wish playboy could go back to the classy magazine it used to be.



22 thoughts on “vintage playboy covers

  1. completely agree. when do you ever see a tasteful men’s cover? but i did really like the rachel bilson spread from GQ you posted beforex

  2. I like these covers! i especially like the one that is just the eye and the hair. She looks gorgeous and v. mysterious. x

  3. those covers may seem classy now but they were considered tres risque back in the 60’s. wonder if today’s covers would seem classy in 50 years. LOL probably not…

  4. great post – i loved all of thesemy favourite would have to be the one shot with the hair over the eye. very audrey hepburn like\thanks for the thinking blogger award!! I’m working on my post… :P

  5. Wow. Quite a few of these covers are innocent. You can’t watch TV for five minutes without seeing things more explicit than these.

  6. dang.these covers are so artsy and tasteful! its hard to believe how much playboy has changed. I love how you can tell what era it is from simply by what the cover art looks like!xoxo

  7. wow. i’m really surprised. these covers are really cute. didn’t know they’d use to look like this..have a good day

  8. I never really came across vintage Playboy covers before but it’s so interesting to see how much it changed! I think this also shows that the perception of sexiness has changed since the old days – look how chic it was before! Let’s not degrade, stay chic ;)Great post.

  9. What a fabulous post, the covers are great. Such a brilliant record of fashion through the years. I love the cover of the woman with bathing cap.

  10. These are so wonderful! It’s interesting how the ‘fashion ideal’ and ‘men’s magazine ideal’ used to be so close to each other, when now they seem to be miles apart, more often than not…

  11. In a 1950’s class I took once, I read that Playboy was more about how to be a gentleman, use the right fork at the right time, and how to throw lavish dinner parties. Don’t think thats what its about now….

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