icon of the moment: kirsten dunst

i love kirsten dunst, she is an amazing actress and has a great sense of style. some of you will probably say that her style is nothing special, but i think is is lovely. she doesnt seem to dress for anyone but herself, she wears what she wants and doesnt care what anyone might think. i adore her laid back chic ensembles, as well as her gorgeous red carpet wear. she sure knows how to rock scarves and suspenders. i think it is marvelous that she isnt trying to be one of those hollywood it girls and doesnt take herself too seriously.

what do you guys think of her?

kirsten (24)


18 thoughts on “icon of the moment: kirsten dunst

  1. i def. like her style. she has all the elements i like including skinny jenas & ballet flats. she will be eyecatching to my eyes if i see her in real!xoxo cheri xoxo

  2. I haven’t really paid attention to her in her day-to-day attires until recently, but now that I have, I really like what I see.Thanks for posting this, it’s very inspiring!

  3. i like her style, and i also find it’s very attainable.which is always good.plus she’s a cutie !x.jh

  4. i loved her red hair! i like the fact that she has comfortability in her mind when she wears her clothes

  5. I agree she has amazing styleI loved her in the Jake days, they were an adorable coupleI feel recently her style has dipped a bit but I’m sure she’ll bounce back

  6. She can definitely pull it off, but I think sometimes she needs to be careful, so she doesn’t look trashy. I like how she can look great dressed up or pull off a more casual look.My two fav outfits in this post though are the grey shirt with black skinny leg jeans, flip flops ‘n a hat, and the other where she’s dressed in a black mini dress a blazer and heels. Different looks and she pulls it off great

  7. She is my favourite! If there is one celebrity that really influence my style it is Kirsten. Thank you for satisfying my fashion fix!

  8. yeahh Kiki is one of my style icons for sure!That Tux that she wore to one of the Spiderman premieres was on of her best moments, I think. So perfect.Get well soon, K!

  9. I love Kirsten and her style, but she has been quite a mess lately. I’m glad she has entered rehab.

  10. i can’t stand her because if you breast hang low, then you should–for the sake of the public–wear a bra. i am all for us ladies showing girl power! but she could it in a nicer, better for my eyes kind of way. like by kicking some dude in the nuts.to make matters worse, whenever i see photos of her, she is wearing a look i’ve use recently done myself. which makes her extra annoying in my book but this also means i think she and i have the greatest styles ever. bonus points to me for wearing a bra.

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