they were a beautiful couple


kate moss & johnny depp by annie leibovitz


14 thoughts on “they were a beautiful couple

  1. For a second I thought that was Vanessa Paradis, under there, and I got a little scared – I thought it was implied they’d broken up.Oh, I never knew Moss and Depp were together…they would have definitely made a beautiful little family. Romanyxx

  2. like Romany, I was never aware of either of them together, so it all seems a little strange to me.but cute picture.

  3. I didnt even know he and Kate Moss were an item. Lone Johnny. Psst I’ve tagged you. Check my blog for more details

  4. They are a beautiful couple aren’t they! If they had kids, they would be so lucky to get their genes.Happy Valentines Day!x

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