icon of the moment: emmanuelle alt

so, here is the last french vogue girl, emmanuelle alt. she is the fashion director of vogue paris and has amazing style. she always seems to look magnificent and chic, but cool at the same time. she seems to favor black, as well as the leather jacket. and anyone who can rock a leather jacket as good she does, is incredible in my book.

now that you have seen them all, who is you favorite of the french vogue girls? melanie, geraldine or emmanuelle?



9 thoughts on “icon of the moment: emmanuelle alt

  1. i think my fave might be emmanuelle. i did notice they all know how to rock a killer leather jacket…

  2. HEY there! I just went thru ur older blog posts… I kind of like Melanie. I noticed how she can rock any look with those killer legs. Sometimes with skinnies and sumtimes with just mini skirts. I like it! And i love ur blog. Can i link???

  3. All your style icons are so unexpected and interesting, I love her style! I want to have some French cool in my dressing too.

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