icon of the moment: melanie huynh

i decided im gonna do a few special editions of “icon of the moment”, which will include a few of the amazing french vogue girls. first off is melanie huynh, who is the assistant stylist for french vogue. i simply adore melanie, she has an amazing sense of style. i always fall in love what she is wearing and she really knows how to carry herself.

i think she has to be my favorite of the girls.



20 thoughts on “icon of the moment: melanie huynh

  1. Her style reminds me a lot Emmanuelle Alt’s. Classic & cool, the perfect “soldier” of french vogue

  2. I love her sophisticated jackets and trench coats! I’m not too fond of the bland colors, but she’s stylish alright.

  3. oh my god. i’m in love with her style! it’s like exactly what i’v ebeen channeling lately. love the ideas for workin the leather motorcycle jacketxoxo

  4. She has an amazing style, she is allways in The Sartorialist. I love her pink shoes at the fisrt photo!

  5. CAn someone please tell me which designer made those pink double strap mary jane pumps in the first picture?? google isn’t helping!

  6. hi hannah! i’m terren, the ‘anonymous’ who asked about melanie’s shoes. found the black version on ebay, but the pink ones – nada. anyway, i finally started a blog. please drop by! -terrenbeja beja

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