material girl

i just recently found this amazing french magazine called jalouse, i bet some of you read it as well. actually, i dont read it, because i dont speak french. i merely flip through the pages and look at the lovely photos. and while flipping, i came across an incredible editorial in the december issue entitled material girl. it is all about how to wear vintage rock tees, and i love how they styled it. so wonderfully chic with a twist.

what do you guys think of this editorial?



9 thoughts on “material girl

  1. Oh this is <>fantastic<>.The model is Elsa whom I <>love<>.Yes, I’ve heard bloggers talking about Jalouse but haven’t been able to get my mitts on it before.The styling is so fabulous though, and the first two pics make “match matchy” very appealing.

  2. The editorial is really good. I really like the outfit in the 6th pic (with all the colorful bags). I never heard of the magazine before so I definitely need to go to the foreign magazine section of the newsstand store.

  3. this is wonderful. i want to borrow this magazine. i was disappointed in barnes & noble today. they had nothing good.

  4. my favourite outfit is the one with the leopard print scarf-very rock chic.i instantly fell in love with the topshop pic too! I’m glad that someone else thinks that the outfit looks divine too~ :)p.s would you like to swap links?

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